Where Oak Tree Developments came from...

Oak Tree Developments first started at back in 1999,

when we "banked" an acre of development land in a fairly deprived area at Fairweather Green in Bradford. Planning permission was sought and gained for 20 new build, 3 bedroomed homes on the site. Then in 2001, some two years later, we "banked" our second project, the former Unit 4 Cinema in Shipley, West Yorkshire. We decided to put ourselves into action by starting development with this one.

Formerly the Prince's Dance Hall,

the old Unit 4 had seen better days. With the onset of purpose built, air conditioned cinemas, old cinemas like this were tagged "flea pits", and with good cause. The public had disowned the place and it had fallen badly into disrepair. Something major had to be done and initial discussions with the planners indicated demolition of the existing building and erection of flats. Despite some nostalgic protests, planning was granted for 14, 2 bedroomed flats and work commenced in late 2001. The use of natural stone and slate, supplied and applied by local, quality craftsmen, kept the building in character with it's surroundingsand sales followed swiftly upon completion. Some 12 months later, upon practical completion, it was sold out almost immediately and aptly called "Princes Court".

Encouraged by this promising start

we immediately moved onto our "banked" site at Fairweather Green. This being classed as a bit of a deprived area it proved to be a little bit more of a challenge. Having built up a team of local craftsmen, we moved lock, stock and barrell and got underway with this new Design and Build project.

In the meantime,

our purchasing department were not idle, and soon after another site was secured in Pellon Terrace,Thackley, Bradford. Courting yet more nostalgic controvesy, this was a large detached house which was the original farm house for the area. Over the years, the owners of Belle Vue Cottage had sold off their farm land to developers in small parcels and a relatively small housing estate had grown in the area. There was plenty of character and you can still see how the house-style fashions have changed over the years as they have being built during different decades.

Belle Vue Cottage was the last remaining

piece of the farm to be demolished and made way for development. Any scheme had to be in keeping with the area and this proved to be no easy task for our team of dedicated designers. Eventually, after consultations with neighbours, planners and councillors alike, we came up with a scheme acceptable to all.

Construction started in 2003 on 7 properties on the site.

A large detached house, built from the original stone from the farm house, has managed to keep an air of character to the site. There are also 4, 3 storey town houses and a pair of 3 storey semi's, all served via a private driveway appropriately named "Belle Vue Close".

During this time we were still on site

at Fairweather Green as we had decided to change our planning consent to be more up to date and in touch with modern house buyers. Sales were very strong and the whole development was sold out prior to completion. The site is served by an adopted highway named Gilynda Close and is a pioneering part of Bradford Councils desire for more colourful estate roads, which is in evidence with the red block pavier margin alongside pourous tarmac on the road itself....

And the rest they say, is history....