Unit 4 Cinema, Shipley. (Princes Court)

Formerly the Prince's Dance Hall, the old Unit 4 Cinema had seen better days.

With the onset of purpose built, air conditioned cinemas, old cinemas like this were tagged "flea pits" and with good cause. The public had disowned the place and it had fallen badly into disrepair. Something major had to be done and initial discussions with the planners indicated demolition of the existing building and erection of flats. Despite some nostalgic protests, planning was granted for 14, 2 bedroomed apartments and work commenced in late 2001.

The use of locally sourced natural stone and slate, supplied and applied by local experienced craftsmen, kept the building in character with its surroundings and sales followed swiftly upon completion.

Some 12 months after laying the first stone, upon practical completion, the development was sold out almost immediately and aptly christened "Princes Court".